by Jake Rainford

Top 5 places in Malta to get out of a boring office in Malta

Stuck at home on your laptop looking outside at the Maltese sunshine? Fear not, I have compiled the top 5 central places to get your brain juices flowing.

If you’re a business owner, at some point in your career you’ll have been sat inside, in your makeshift home office, grinding all day. We’ve all been there. Lucky for you we’ve found what we believe are the top 5 places to work from your laptop where you don’t have to sit at your kitchen table, listening to the builders working in the corridor or cars honking their horns outside (I’m sure most of you can relate to this).

1. Dr Juice – Gzira

The laid-back, cool and comfortable vibe in Dr Juice is sure to help your flow. It may not have the view but it does have a great atmosphere. Mix your work with some healthy food and drink options and you’re on to a winner because nutrients are good for the body and mind. Dr Juice offers free WiFi and a good speed meaning you won’t be worried about the efficiency of your work. A personal suggestion, try the falafel tortilla and Mango Mania smoothie for that health kick you need.

2. NAAR – Balluta Bay, St Julians

NAAR will always be a top choice for working environments. On a sunny day, in particular, you can get yourself on to their terrace, right next to the sea in buzzing Balluta Bay. If you’re settled before 12 pm you have to try their breakfast menu, yet another healthy option ranging from Granola Parfait to Avocado Bagels and a good smoothie and fruit juice selection. However, don’t worry if you’re too busy to leave the house until the afternoon, the rest of their menu is a delight too.

3. Dolci Peccati, Sliema

If you’re visiting here to get your brain cogs churning expect to see others doing exactly the same. Dolci Peccati seems to be a hotspot for business people on the go. With a quieter upstairs section and a deck outside you’ve got a good choice of working environments. The WiFi here is great and free, which makes it so much better. Also, you have to try their dessert selection. From colourful macaroons to chunky chocolate cake you should save your cheat day for Dolci Peccati.

4. Giorgios, Sliema

It’s a cool café indeed. Giorgios is very popular and it’s quite obvious why. The location is set in the heart of Sliema with business people, shoppers and tourists milling around it have a sense of excitement in the air. You have three areas to choose from, the upstairs balcony with an undisturbed view of Sliema, inside where there are a very comfortable environment and the outside area in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The fast service is a major factor with Giorgios, especially if you’re on the go. Plus, the food is delicious. The salad selection is great, especially during a sunny day in summer when fresh food is on your mind.

5. Paparazzi 29, Manoel Island

This place is great, with a mix of customers you really feel welcomed and comfortable at Paparazzi. In our opinion, it’s one of the best places to hold meetings, especially on the patio overlooking Manoel Island Yacht Marina. The food is great and the prices are even better with a huge choice from the menu. The WiFi inside is great, the further you go out on to the patio, the less it works however if you’re just going to have a meeting why not put the laptop away and have a good chat with your clients and maybe buy them a piece of cake while you’re at it, there’s nothing like charming people with desserts.

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