by Jake Rainford

Pros and Cons of Being Self Employed

I’m sure there’s a few of you out there who want to own your own business but want to first find out the benefits of doing so.

I’ve come up with a few things worth knowing before becoming self-employed. There are many, many benefits of running your own business and working for yourself but we need to stay realistic, so I’ll also give you a few cons of being an entrepreneur too.
Let’s start with the Pros.
  • You are your own boss. You decide how your business will function and this is very refreshing. Instead of following someone else’s rules and working in an environment not suited to your taste, you can create your own. Believe me, when I say, my ideas are fun and creative and I’d quite like to work for me (I’m not blowing my own trumpet, honestly)
  • As mentioned above, your working environment will cater for you. Currently, I’m working from home however in the future I’ll have my own offices and staff. There are so many genius ideas you can create in an office space; think pool tables, colourful common areas and mini fridges stacked with all the healthy food and drink your brain needs to work to its maximum potential; and these are only a few ideas. Your employees will also love this kind of environment because it shows them that they are so important to your business by promoting a healthy enjoyable work environment.
  • My current work schedule is perfect, I’ve got an extremely healthy balance of home working, meetings, admin work and filming and being your own boss makes it easier to liaise with your clients to work a lot of your time around your schedule. You don’t have to agree to a ridiculous time request from your superior, you work with the clients directly and that’s a great thing. Especially as you start building your client relations.
  • You can be as creative as you want. I’ve found in previous jobs your creativity is disregarded as your employer wants all logos and promotions ‘in a box’. Why?! Being self-employed means expressing your ideas and creativity and giving it to the clients as your own creative hard work. Trust me when I say, your clients will 95% of the time absolutely love what you’ve created; that’s why they chose you in the first place.
  • You choose where to work from. Like I said earlier in the post, at the moment I am home working which means if I want to get myself out of the house into the sunshine, I can do. I take my laptop down to a café along the seafront, treat myself to a good old English cup of tea and crack on. There is no one telling me I can’t because I have control of my working environment and so can you.
  • Lastly, I love the fact that I control the success of my company. I control all aspects and this is a great feeling; from what marketing I do, to how much I charge my clients, to the quality of my produce and much more. I’ve worked so hard to create a successful company and to see my hard work has grown to what it is now is a huge achievement.
Now for the Cons.
Unfortunately, I have to provide you with the Con’s but I can’t think of many at all (none that should ever affect your decision to become self-employed). With anything you do you will always run into Con’s but if you work through them this just makes you a stronger business person.
  • Sometimes I find it hard to shut off. At the moment I don’t really have a set time when I start and finish work so some days I’ll wake up at 8:30am and get an early start, some days I’ll wake up at 9:30am and still get all the work done planned for that day. My main issue can be at night. I’m always thinking about work, mainly because I love my job, so sometimes I get carried away and can work up until 3am but I know it’s for a good cause.
  • There comes an ‘in between phase’. This phase is generally when you are making enough money to give yourself a wage and also invest back into your business but you are getting so many work requests that in reality, you would need to employ someone. When you get to this phase you need to start making the all-important decisions whether you stop investing as much in to the business and hope a second person brings in more income so you can pay them a reasonable wage or you carry on working your ass off until you’ve made enough money that the second wage just seems like petty cash to you. When you get to that stage you’ll figure it out.

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