by Jake Rainford

Bringing Back The Blog

So, my personal blogs have been absent for a while but rest assured, there is a very good reason for this.

My last blog was posted in May 2018 and at that point I thought I had reached a peak in business where the work would stay at this level, oh how I was wrong!

So much has happened since Spring last year, I’m finding it difficult where to even start, but I think a good starting point is to let you know how I’ve progressed professionally.

The last time you heard from me, I was running JR Media which had grown so much since moving to Malta in Summer 2017. I’d felt really proud of myself and the hard work I had put in to ensure my business was as successful as I had always imagined. Then I became ready for a new venture, this happened in September 2018 and so Creative Individuals was born.

Since creating a new business, my client portfolio has gone through the roof (in the best way possible). I’m taking on work from left, right and centre and this is the kind of position I had aspired to be in. I currently have two creative individuals working with me and they have been an asset to the business from the moment they joined. I’m so ready to push myself and my team to new heights and this is a really exciting time for us.

I also want to let you guys in on my personal life too. There have been major milestones in my life over the past 8 months. One major milestone was a proposal to my (now) fiancée, Meg. We spent a week in Mallorca in August 2018 which I thought was the perfect opportunity to take the leap and get down on one knee!

I’ve made amazing memories with family and friends and I’ve visited new places, which has satisfied my need for travel (only slightly though, there will be much more travelling to come!).

Whilst I may not be able to post blogs so frequently, I wanted to let everyone in on the reason why. As much as I’d love to do more writing, I honestly don’t have the time. I’m so focused on my business right now, which is a huge priority and when I’m not working, I’m out exploring. However, always keep your eyes peeled for more updates because I have big plans!

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