by Jake Rainford

Payment Deadlines and Efficient Solutions

Running a business can be difficult at times and one issue that you may come across is outstanding payments.

Whilst the majority of clients pay their invoices on time, unfortunately it’s common to experience some clients who may miss deadlines and especially if you have a small business, that can become a big issue.

In the early stages of a business you’ll try and test a number of procedures in which you can bring these payments in on time but sometimes it can feel stressful. If there is any advice I can give you, it’s to create an efficient system to manage this for you.

I have recently decided to make life a little easier and worked with my Creative Individuals team to create a Client Portal, which will be introduced to my clients in the coming weeks. The portal holds all the information our clients would need, so essentially it makes work easier for us and them. It’s a win-win situation and as we create private accounts for each client, it’s very secure too.

The portal can be used to create quotes and store invoices, we’ve put a system in place where our clients can easily process their payments online and gives them a deadline to work to. Also included is any content we have created for them, whether it be videos, photos or logos, they can access these files any time they require. The best thing is, it’s all kept in one place accessible for us all.

There is always a way of making processes more efficient and quicker; sometimes you just have to have a little patience and a brainstorm of ideas to find the right solution.

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