by Jake Rainford

Engagement over Following

What lengths would you go to, to get a following on social media?

For a while now there has been companies and individuals driven to extreme lengths to gain the following they want. They decide to delve in to the ‘black market’ of the social networking world without understanding how much this can harm their brand. Over the past few years we’ve seen for ourselves the game that’s trying to be played. A new follower, okay I’ll check out their profile, 100,000 followers?! That’s impressive, or is it? When you look further in to a profile, check out the number of likes and comments on posts, that’s when you realise that their following is not authentic at all. For a profile to have so many followers you’d expect a high engagement on their posts but when you see that a profile with 100,000 followers is only gaining 100 likes per post and a handful of comments, that’s when it becomes really obvious that the followers have been bought.

Buying followers leads your authentic followers questioning whether your brand is trustworthy and gives the impression that your profile and brand is unreliable. There are so may different ways of gaining followers authentically that there is no necessity to buy followers just to look good.

It’s frustrating for authentic brands to view social media profiles with a fake following as this hasn’t been worked for. Hard work pays off and if you’re willing to put in the effort and be creative you’ll gain an authentic following the right way, give value to your users and they’ll engage.

To moral of the story is to focus on your engagement. When you buy followers, this will in no way contribute to your engagement levels, they are numbers. You could have a following of 100 genuine people and your engagement levels would be higher than if you had a bought following of 1,000 because those 100 people are actually interested in your brand and trust its authenticity.

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