“self belief and hard work will always result in success.
do more and always execute your ideas.” 

My Story

I’m Jake Rainford, founder of Creative Individuals Digital. I can’t necessarily be put under one job description as there are so many things I can do. I’m a web designer and developer, videographer, photographer, graphic designer and digital marketing expert. That’s why I decided to launch my business, Creative Individuals, to help others with their digital marketing.

I have a passion for all things digital and I love to explore my creativity so I’ve found no better way of showcasing this than creating videos, websites, photos and so much more. I spend so much time both professionally and personally building on my knowledge and skills in the digital industry creating all kinds of content.

Before joining the digital industry, I worked as a civil engineer, gaining a HND and building my knowledge in this industry, however from a young age I’d always been interested in exploring my creativity and for the past 10 years I’d been creating digital content on the side of my full time jobs, that is until I turned 23 and made a bold move. I decided to invest in camera equipment and start my own business as a sole trader, JR Media. I began filming local companies and built my reputation from there until I moved to Malta and launched Creative Individuals, having been trading for a year now I have managed to build an international company covering many aspects of digital marketing and constantly improving. Starting from adhoc projects to owning a successful company within the space of a few years has been a really exciting journey.